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Hard Hard

LuxuryLogico x Waa Wei + Rhydian Vaughan + George Chen
Kinetic Installation
Mixed media
Dimensions Variable

Mixed media kinetic installation, Hard, Hard, is co-created by singer-songwriter waa wei, Rhydian Vaughan (song co-writer), single music director, George Chen and artist collective LuxuryLogico. Both the song and the art installation reveal the creators’ emotional projection about the disappearing and birth of life. waa wei’s lyrics depict the cycle of life inspired by her experience of rejoicing in the arrival of a new life and accepting the loss of a beloved family member. close friend and her pet.

LuxuryLogico uses “light” to connect the work and the lyrics to create the overall atmosphere; it also serves as the key imagery that embodies life’s flow, their remembrance of a departed group member and a sentimental perception of disappearing lives, things and stories in the changing city. They use objects to create a unit that simultaneously resembles a house and a desk, blending moments of memories symbolized by a desk, kitchen, bus station, house windows, eaves, street corners, street lamps, seashore, etc. Mechanically controlled, a glowing sphere follows the music and floats in the space. When the light shines through the window, it becomes a lamp left on for those that come home late in the night; and when it reaches the seashore, a setting sun suddenly comes into view. Whatever object the light moves onto, a different memory is evoked. Using light to guide the audience’s vision to gradually enter the music, the work recreates moments and scenes from the past, reliving old memories while introducing the force of a new life.