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2010 - 2020
Light installation
Mixed media
Dimensions variable
Solar aims to objectively elaborate on different layers of intertwined relationship in post-technological civilization: consumption and environmental protection/ value and essence/ eschatological future and senseless senses. When the unused and discarded lights are collected, we create a sun. Inside, viewers observe, enjoy, and ponder; everything goes silent when light and hug exchange.

The artwork combines campaigns and electric control devices to maneuver spatial light. The artwork includes three phases:

1.    "Light-collecting" campaign
LuxuryLogico proposes to collect unused and discarded lights from local communities. These lights include lampshades, floor lamps, table lamps, and every lamp that carries a local characteristic.

2.    Super Sun
The artists modify filaments and light bulbs in the recycled lamps and convert them to LED lights, then assemble them together as a sun in the exhibition site.

3.    Wax or Wane
On the surface it is a sun, but it waxes and wanes. Viewers are led to ponder upon their esseice of life in serenity under the lights and shades. At this moment, everything becomes real; every feeling, mutual.

LuxuryLogico creates site-specific art projects through cross-disciplinary concepts. Solar is a series of installation for which LuxuryLogico integrates lamp recycling campaigns with electric

control devise to ignite conversations between people, light, and space. Since 2012, the artwork has travelled to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, to United Kingdom, and has been exhibited both indoors and as large-scale public art installation. Lamps include recycled household lamps and street lamps.