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Voyage in Time

Mixed media
2.6m (L) x 1.8m (W) x 3.6m (H)
Thailand, known for its tropical beaches and golden temples, often evokes dreams of a peaceful and idyllic land. The duo LuxuryLogico explores the realms of imagination through their installation at Thara Park Beach. Located on the seashore, the work consists in a traditional wooden boat of around twenty-six meters, ornamented by various decorations. Its unexpected shape and motifs challenge our expectations and stimulate our imaginings. The work also tests the possibility to combine local crafts with technology. Using computer technologies and 3D printer, the artists creates a 3D model to realise in collaboration with the local boat builders. The boat attests the participation of local communities and traditional craftsmanship, tackling the relevance of the intersecting flows that shape our everyday realities. Moreover, its extreme and hybrid design, providing us with what could at first glance appear like an optical illusion, instils doubts about our intelligibility.