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The Sound of Blooming 

Kinetic installation with light and sound effect
Mixed media
15m (L) x 15m (W) x 15m (H)

Inspired by the cyclic force of life in nature and splendid floral blossoms, The Sound of Blooming adopts the elaborate forms and patterns of growing plants, blooming flowers and splitting cells. By combining truss system, motor, lighting, and sound system, this work reveals an intricate and multiplexing kinetic installation co-created by the industry, the official, the university and the art world.

The installation is first an enormous hydrangea with buds waiting to bloom; then the mechanical petals unfold gradually or blossom instantly, creating a visual impact of countless florets budding at the same time. The interplay of natural light and the electronic lighting demonstrate the flow of time and changes of light and shadow. The surrounding natural sound field, mechanical sounds and the artificial sound creation for the work produce a symphonious orchestration. Under the spherical structure of the installation are three individual routes, transforming visitors into pollen-harvesting bees while symbolizing the continuation of life through the images of flowers and bees. Engaging the senses of sight and hearing as well as human sensibility, as the audience sees the blooming flowers and hear the sound of blooming, they are also immersed in the touching experience of the blossom.

“Co-creation” lies at the core of this installation, a milestone of technology art. Employing the characteristics of parametric design, this work is co-created by multiple members of the industry, the official and the art world, which is reminiscent of the reciprocal relationship between flowers and bees. In this vast world between the expansive heaven and earth, if all beings can communicate and co-exist in unison, we can surely create better and all-encompassing values that benefit and shared by the entire world.