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The Insomnia Sketchbook

Mechanical Installations, Immersive Soundstage
25 mins

Taiwanese artist collective LuxuryLogico and Italian electronic musician Andrea Cera constructed a sketchbook of short stories taking place in darkness, revolving around sound fields or sounds of consciousness, clumsiness, pureness, dances, conflicts, and destruction. Led by a light spot, viewers seem to be half awake and eulogizing mirages amidst dreams and realities. With the IRCAM’s “Spat” software, movements of light are mimicked by sound, creating a “cloud-like” surrounding soundscape. LuxuryLogico specializes in hybridizing multiple media such as light, sound, image, sculpture, and mechanical installation; they developed a mobile light device combining real-time computing and sound performance design while channeling kinematic parameters of the light source to generate sound. Andrea Cera explores the boundaries among musical composition, scientific research, and industrial design. He often uses moving lights as a design tool; human body is modeled as a set of light points for automatically analyzing and sonifying the characteristics of expressive movements.

Artistic Creation: LuxuryLogico × Andrea Cera
Executive Producer: LIN Kun-Ying
Director: CHEN Yi
Composer: Andrea Cera
Installation: CHANG Geng-Hwa
Screenwriters: CHEN Yi, Andrea Cera
Scriptwriter: CHOU Man-Nung
Voice Actress (Mandarin): HUNG Pei-Yu
Voice Actress (French): Désirée Giorgetti
Script Experimenter: Evan LUO

Luxury Logi Co.
Administrative Director: HANG Hung-Tzu
Project Manager: TSA Chia-Fen
Executive Producer: LIAO Chih-Han
Production Manager: HUNG Hung-Hao
Acousto-optical Technique: CHENG Nai-Chuan
Installation Dynamic Execution: LIN Wen-Tse
Installation Execution: HUNG Hung-Hao, LAI Shih-Yuan, CHANG Pin-Hsiung
Design Assistants: HONG Ching-Ting, LI Chi-Kang

Software Technical Director: LIN Yi-Shiang
Central Control Programmer: LIN Yi-Shiang
Electronic Circuit Designer: LIN Yi-Shiang
Algorithm Designers: LIN Yi-Shiang, CHEN Wei-Yu, YANG Chieh-Hsin

Motor Advisers: TSA Chih-Sung, LIN Guan-Ting

Xception Tech. Inc.
Dynamic Physics Analysis: TSENG Chia-Pin
Stabilization Mechanical Design: Arthur WU

IRCAM Centre-Pompidou
Computer Music Design: Thomas Goepfer
Sound Engineering: Clément Cerles
Technical Manager : Aline Morel
Stage Manager: Florent Simon Project
Manager: Aurèlia Ongena

C-LAB Taiwan Sound Lab Contract Staff
Sound Engineering Coordinator: CHEN Hsin-Kuei 
Stage Manager: HUANG Yu-Wen

Commissioned Co-producers: IRCAM Centre-Pompidou, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab
Production Supervisor: LuxuryLogi Co.
Partners: National Taiwan Science Education Center (NTSEC). Tainan National University of the Arts (TNNUA)
Supervisor: Ministry of Culture of Taiwan