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Date Line

Interactive Video Installation
Interactive Device, Projectors, Computer
Dimensions variable
Date Line is the abbreviation of the International Date Line, a universal system of time zones devised by an international committee to overcome the issue of the sun shining at different geographical locations at different times as the earth orbits. Thus it is 8:00 PM in Taipei at the sane moment it is 7:00 AM in New York. This “now” is represented by different abbreviations in places around the world. Date Line expresses the artist’s probing doubts on the universally approved definition of ‘time’. Shooting a panorama of one specific urban site over the course of one particular day,24 hours worth of images are collected in a 360-degree collage, with each long, thin bar an archive of time’s passage during one day. In this way, sun, moon, day and night mingle and overlap in an alternating order. With the collection of singular moments at one time and place, I generate a surreal image that allows the past and the present to coexist. Within this time and space, is the ‘Date Line’ we use and abide by in reality necessary? Real “time” has no boundaries, but if we absolutely must delineate, these 360 image bars can be our Date Line.