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Interdisciplinary performance
Mixed media
Dimensions variable

The work pays attention to the intangible senses for reading and listening to the surrounding space and is triggered by the concept between seriousness and playfulness. The artists propose “motive-movement-music” to define the process of shaping performance and broadly cover the interpretive relationship between creation and production. 

Based on classical instrumental music and the application of digital technology, “M” subverts the imagination of the existing way of instrument-playing. In this work, the mechanical devices (the shifting light and sound wave) and visuality (projection, LED lighting effect) create a balance and contrast between timbre, volume, and strength. While the performer “physically” interprets those elements and presents the concept of melody, secondary melody, harmony, counterpoint, and accompaniment. When the three main components interfere mutually, they divide and reorganize original musical pieces and redefine the conventional concept of “musical instrument” in this way.

The work discusses Joseph-Maurice Ravel’s Bolero in a deconstructionist fashion. From the sound of water dribbling to Bolero, such a flow transforms the sound into a simple visual presentation, allowing the narrative concept and technique to interweave with each other within the piece. When every element is placed in order and can be processed harmonically, the whole piece then approaches the possibility of “musicality.” Therefore, the audience can join such performance through the inner musicality of this work.

Production: LuxuryLogico
Performer: Chou Shu-Yi
Choreographer: Chou Shu-Yi
Technology Integration: DECADE Technology Co., Ltd.