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Interdisciplinary performance
Mixed media
Dimensions variable

"Day" is the first interdisciplinary performance piece by LuxuryLogico, connecting choreographers, new media artists, kinetic artists, musicians, and engineers. The collective uses bodily movement and technology, integrating interactive projection technology, lighting kinetic installation and performance into a 40-minute interdisciplinary work. With the theme of everyday situations, the collective deconstructs the concept of time in regular life and places the temporal elements evenly into the performance. With a strong sense of contemporary aesthetics and rich textures, the collective delicately expresses human existence's pure and clear nature.

A day equals a lifetime.

In our everyday lives, changes in light and shadow make us realize that trivial things are emerging and happening. "Day" starts from the concept of light and shadow. The artists use 3D visual technology, creating a geometric and linear signal and actual visual applications, pondering the everyday household objects and space and shadows they form. Through the interplay between these objects and shadows, the seemingly simple subject matter yet implies time continuity. The viewer will recognize the flow of time constructed and connected by the forms or images. The "interrelationship" thus establishes certain scenarios, which functions as a reminder to draw people's attention to things of everyday life. Then, the suspended light installation enters the space. The movement of the light installation creates a three-dimensional undulating form of curves and manipulates the brightness of the light and the sightline, creating a groovy rhythm. The light and shadow thus give a sense of form and volume to space. In the meantime, the performers' physical intervention allows the viewers to rethink their viewing behavior. The interrelationship between the performers and the viewers is like a conversation, triggering the audience to think about the interaction between humans, space, and time.