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Miscarriage of Time

Mechanical Installation, Video, Sculpture, Document
Multiple Media
Dimensions variable
We experience time.  We hold expectations of time, but they are never fulfilled.

The apple has fallen from the tree and has embarked on a journey like this.

This is a perfect apple, having all the qualities of what we think to be in an apple. Placing the apple in an environment with moderate temperature, humidity and proper light, the molecules which compose the apple will deliver nutrients throughout its entirety, giving its outer skin a luscious paprika-like redness and providing its flesh a plump and juicy texture.  This process of metabolism is unnoticeable to our senses.  The activity of these millions of molecules carries nutrients and conducts respiration to sustain life.  When the apple starts to shrivel and dry, the loss of moisture wrinkles its outer skin and the flesh starts to deform.  At the end of its timeline, the apple ceases to exist.   

Now, we go back along that timeline, so that the apple regains its perfect luscious state, until it is even reborn.
The life of an object is but a segment of time.  Gently turning the knob, while using reversed light to excite molecules and produce a large cluster of black holes, time takes these molecules on a journey along their individual paths and back to a certain state of vitality.  In an ideal world, an apple with one bite mark in it, travels back three days when it is still perfect, ripe, and whole. Travelling back an entire week, the apple is still sour in its nascent state.  Going back further in time, the apple is just a twig on a tree.  Reverting back suddenly to the present, the bite mark in the apple returns.  Ideally, we just have to gently turn the knob, and time will be redirected.