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AR, mixed mechanical installation
dimensions variable

The Mandarin title of the artwork “ 鎏” is a combination of two characters, “current”and “gold,” to refer to the gold of high purity, while its pronunciation comes from the former, as well as its English title. Based on its dual meanings, the artwork further reflects on the transaction flow of virtual currencies, with which the data flow of the work emerges. The current is a flow, sharing the same etymological root with Currency, while the latter emphasizes the situation of flowing from one person to another. The slash in its English title “Current/y” not only suggests the dual meanings of “either/or” but is also recognized as a separation mark in the programming language for folders and file paths. It thus highlights the instant transition and paths of flow in global transactions of virtual currencies. Values are established through an interpersonal exchange of ideas, materials, and feelings. They reach an agreement, complete the transaction, and share a belief in collective values. With blockchain and its transparent transaction records as its data source, the artwork translates it into a physical data flow. The transaction creates the current and projects values onto the cryptocurrency, while its values are determined and validated by the dimensions of the current.

Current/y investigates the liminal state of value exchanges in the digital dimension, where it has a reciprocal relationship with the equivalently bourgeoning technology. It generates images in the space based on the direction of the currency flow and the turnover, allowing viewers to experience the current of virtual currencies around the world like the energy transfer in the natural and physical world–with its gentle or sometimes even drastic flow.  
(Written by LEE Yen-Yi)