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Interdisciplinary performance
Mixed media
Dimensions variable

The mathematical symbol, “equal sign,” connects two different expressions in an equation, drawing an invisible line and separating the equation from the outer world. When A equals B, is the world still able to imagine and generate more possibilities? LuxuryLogico fuses rational mathematical concepts with emotional humanistic thinking, dividing the 40-minute performance into seven sections, including “Prelude,” “addition,” “subtraction,” “interlude,” “multiplication,” “division,” and “coda.” LuxuryLogico invites outstanding artists from the fields of theater, dance, music, costume design, visual art, and audiovisual art to co-create the work “Equal” to project their reflection of the world. The collective attempt to describe the exchanging relationship of all things through the collective interactive experiences.

Director: LuxuryLogico
Choreographer: Lin Yu-Ju
Dramaturg: Chen Yu-Ting
Dancer: Tien Hsiao-Tzu
Actress: Tseng Hsin-Yen
Costume Designer: Chen Shi-En
New Media Content: LuxuryLogico
Production: Event Production Company