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Light installation
Mixed media
2.2m (L) x 2.2m (W) x 3m (H)
Everything in life has its own suitable tempo. Square is a square arrangement of fluorescent light tubes, and is a narration of slow movement frame that represent life's ups and downs. The moving postures are like scripts for life. The artist collective attempts to present the work in a minimalistic style, and as the audience listens quietly, a rhythm of the light tubes that cycles with the lighting in the space with a specific tempo could be observed. Through precise computer calculations, the inorganic light tubes seem to have been given a life-like vitality. As the straight light tubes twist and turn in the dark room with various postures, they appear like primitive life forms observed under the microscope or from the deep ocean bed. Presented is a tangible image of abstracted quality, as the act of scripting continues to document life. As one gazes at the shifting lights and the moving tempos, between imagination and reality, psychologically, an escape is made to transcend beyond the visual. Amidst seeing and gazing, look for the most suitable tempo for yourself.