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Landscape installation
Recycled concrete pillar、Recycled steel bar
52m (L) x 11m (W) x 5m (H)

A mountain reborn, an awakening rebirth.

Rebirth pays tribute to the cycles in nature. LuxuryLogico uses concrete poles and steel bars from a betel leaf farm damaged by a typhoon and mixes them with new materials to create a mountain. With this work, the artist collective hopes to rouse the awareness about natural disasters and life, and address the over-excavation of limestone in eastern Taiwan. Traveling along the coast of Taitung, majestic mountains rise up on one side whereas expansive ocean extends to the horizon on the other. The beautiful east coast speaks the natural cycle of all life. Living in Taiwan where environmental changes occur frequently, we should face this land and its diligent inhabitants with a more respectful attitude and hold the concept of sustainability as a vital belief in human civilization to inspire future generations.