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a~ Art and Water Cycle

Mixed media
Site Specific

a~ Art and Water Cycle, a project funded in 2012 by an art foundation established through local businesses. LuxuryLogico has allocated half of its grant money to the design, production, marketing and sales of bottled water. Half of all income from this venture will be used to produce more bottled water, and the other half will go to art proposals selected by a jury. LuxuryLogico members skillfully focus on details drawn from daily life and convincingly role play when creating their projects to magnify chosen social themes. Examining the step-by-step logic of their ambiguously defined project a~ Art and Water Cycle, we discover this organic, long- term cycle based on bottled water presents their core concept, which is how materials gain artistic significance to make them both physical objects and ideas. Here the museum presents the second iteration of their project cycle, which includes plastic bottles of water that are half obscured by black labels to emphasize the notion of one-half. The bottles bear the signatures of LuxuryLogico group members and edition numbers for the purposes of authentication and designating each as an artwork. In this context, the art museum serves as a warehouse and distribution point for the product, where group members arrive once a week to supervise bottle signings, the affixing of edition numbers and loading. When resellers come to the venue to replenish their stock, the museum, shipper and artist all sign the bill of sale. LuxuryLogico water is for sale at the Cosi O Cosi café in the museum basement for NTD20 per bottle. LuxuryLogico invites everyone to join in the game by purchasing a bottle of water that has passed through a series of checkpoints to reach the consumer. And regardless of whether you save it or drink it, you certainly will regard these bottles of water in a unique way.