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Interactive Video Installation
Mechanical device, Projector, Computer, CCD,
Dimensions variable

The concept of “passage” and “mirror” serves as the imagery of this work. I compare time to a passage that keeps moving forward, deconstructing the images that have “occurred” and reconstructing the “rear-view” images that continue passing away. I intend to place the viewer in a chronological journey, examining the time as checking the rear-view mirror. In such a journey of time, one cannot stop the movement and may experience irreversible loss. You may not be able to catch the images hastily fading away; however, you clearly witness the image of you taken a second ago being swallowed by the passing of time mercilessly.

I use the video feedback feature and the loop delay quality to create a time tunnel effect. The second camera captures the viewer’s image, which will be composited onto the main feedback image through real-time image-matting technology and video image compositing techniques. The work will thus create visual imagery of drifting through a tunnel of time.