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Vision Values

Light installation
LED Screen
Dimensions variable

What is the distance between our consciousness and reality? Existing scientific assumptions indicate that the physical world we see is nothing but an illusion. Our brains automatically interpret all information of the external world perceived by our sensory receptors, which thus constitute an imaginary world. As the Virtual Reality (VR), what our eyes perceive are mere computed images, and the reality behind those images is only a calculation of numbers. From a quantum perspective, once you don’t observe the reality, then it doesn’t exist. All individuals are like nodes in a blockchain. They record values they observe and define them as our perceived reality. However, in such an algorithm system, what is the role of humans? Can our subjective consciousness affect the objective world? Or, is it possible that the objective world never exists, but only our collective consciousness does? How do we evaluate physical quality before all the debates and arguments come to an agreement? What are the true values of quality?

“Vision Values” records the window view of the exhibition site, capturing environmental, physical quantities such as ventilation and illumination to simulate plants that swing with the wind computationally. This work applies digital logic to configure a landscape, providing an interrogative space for subjective consciousness and the objective world.