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LuxuryLogico has been formed on Jun. 1, 2010, created by four contemporary artists born in the 1980s: Chen Yi, Lin Kun-ying, Chang Keng-hau, Chang Geng-hwa. In the past, the four artists worked with the two groups of LuxuryBrothers and Logico respectively, and each exhibited their different expertise in the fields of visual art and new media art. Chen Yi focuses on concept and new media, Lin Kun-ying specializes in sound and concept, and Chang Keng-hau and Chang Keng-hua brothers focus on the visual and form, with their noted sculptural and kinetic installations. Each of them brings a powerful spark for creativity, as the collective explores with different possibilities for artistic interdisciplinary collaborations.

Based on the concept of “hybrid”,inspired by natural environment, tackling thoughts and ideas that filled the spectacles of contemporary society, integrating modern technology and cultivation of humanities, representing their ideas via “music,” “visuality,” “installation,” and “document,” their works of fantasies manifest in various forms and genres, including drama, movies, dance, architecture, pop music and social behavior. Given force by the unceasing integration, LuxuryLogico comes into being.